Name Title Research Email Address
Alfonso, Aixa
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Classical and molecular genetic analysis of synaptic transmission
Alford, Simon
Professor and Head of Anatomy and Cell Biology Modulation of synaptic transmission in the spinal cord
Almotahari, Mahrad
Assistant Professor of Philosophy Philosophy of language and metaphysics
Chang, Chieh
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Molecular and Opto-genetic investigation of neural circuit assembly and regeneration
Chuang, Chiou-Fen
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Molecular and genetic mechanisms of cellular diversity in the C. elegans sensory system
Cologna, Stephanie
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mass spectromery and neurodegeneration
Featherstone, David E.
Professor of Biological Sciences
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Genetic analysis of glutamate signaling and synapse development

Gong, Liang-Wei
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Genetic and cell biological approaches with biophysical methods to investigate the mechanisms of exocytosis and endocytosis
Hilbert, David
Professor of Philosophy Philosophy of Mind, Perception, Color Vision and Bioethics
Larson, John
Associate Professor of Physiology in Psychiatry Cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory formation
Lasek, Amy Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Molecular and cell biological factors that contribute to alcohol use disorders and drug addiction
Leonard, John P.
Emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences Structure-function relationships of synaptic receptors and channels
Levine, Mike
Emeritus Professor of Psychology Visual information processing: visual systems for cognition and motor control
Malchow, Paul
Associate Professor of Biology, LIN Director Transmitter regulation in the retina
Maniscalco, James Postdoctoral Research Associate
Morgan-Short, Kara
Associate Professor, Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, Department of Psychology
Second language neurocognitive processes, effects of explicit and implicit training conditions, and the role of individual cognitive abilities
Murphy, A. Don
Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology Neural pattern generation, evolution of feeding circuitry
Okkema, Peter
Professor of Biological Sciences Development and function of motor neurons and muscles in the C. elegans pharynx
Park, Thomas
Professor of Biological Sciences Neurobiology of sensory systems
Ragozzino, Michael
Professor of Psychology Neurobiology of learning and memory
Reilly, Steve
Professor of Psychology Neural mechanisms underlying learning, memory and motivation
Richmond, Janet
Professor of Biological Sciences, Department Head Molecular genetics of synaptic transmission in C.elegans
Roitman, Jamie
Assistant Professor of Psychology Neural processes of decision-making. Impulsivity and risk-preference.
Roitman, Mitchell
Associate Professor of Psychology, Associate LIN Director Neurobiological basis of reward and aversion.
Saxena, Ankur
Assistant Professor of Biology High-resolution imaging and functional analysis of stem cell migration/neurogenesis in zebrafish
Schechtman, Marya
Professor of Philosophy Mind-body problem, ethics
Shippy, Scott
Associate Professor of Chemistry Neurochemical dynamics and behavior
Wirtshafter, David R.
Professor of Psychology Neural basis of reward and motivation. Functions of dopamine and serotonin