Research and training experiences for students are centered on three key issues in neuroscience that are the focus of research conducted in our laboratories:

The Molecular Machinery of Synapses

Through the research programs of Drs. Aixa AlfonsoSimon Alford, David Featherstone, Liang-Wei GongJohn Leonard, R. Paul Malchow, and Janet Richmond, the Laboratory has a base of work on molecular and developmental analyses of synaptic communication. Two themes run through this work: structure-function relationships of key synaptic molecules, such as receptors and transporters, and the functional modulation of synapses.

Circuitry for Sensorimotor Processing

Sensory processing and motor programming are being analyzed in the labs of Drs. Daniel Corcos, Mike Levine, R. Paul MalchowThomas Park, Steve Reilly, Michael Ragozzino, Jamie Roitman, Mitch Roitman, Scott Shippy and Dave Wirtshafter. The theme in this cluster is understanding how information about the world is encoded within the central nervous system and finally how central information is decoded to generate organismal behavior.

Philosophy of Mind

Several members of the philosophy department are members of LIN, and work on issues relevant to neuroscience. David Hilbert explores the nature of color, color vision, and related problems in the philosophy of perception. Colin Klein works on scientific explanation and the use of modeling in neuroscience and psychology. Marya Schechtman researches personal identity, practical reason, and our conception of the self.