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Nu Rho Psi

UIC Chapter of Nu Rho Psi

Nu Rho Psi is the National Honor Society in Neuroscience. It is an independent non-profit, grass-roots organization comprised of neuroscientists, like you!

The UIC Chapter of Nu Rho Psi is a nationally recognized neuroscience honors society focused on the goals of academic excellence and spreading the discipline of neuroscience throughout the community.

At the start of each semester we look for new members who share these goals and actively want to engage in the endeavors of neuroscience. We host and sponsor several neuroscience events each semester as well as collaborate with faculty, national members, and members of neuroscience curriculum's across the country.

Requirements for Nu Rho Psi Heading link

Declared Neuroscience major or minor
Three semesters of college coursework
Nine semester hours of neuroscience related coursework
Cumulative undergraduate GPA: 3.2/4.0
Cumulative neuroscience related coursework GPA: 3.5/4.0

Nu Rho Psi Inductees and Members Heading link

In recognition of outstanding achievement in the areas of neuroscience scholarship and research and in compliance with all of the requirements of the Nu Rho Psi National Constitution, the following students are hereby granted lifetime membership into Nu Rho Psi, the National Honor Society in Neuroscience, and are inducted into the chapter at University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • 2022 Nu Rho Psi Inductees:

    Nathaly Arce Soto

    Anam Kidwai

    Anthony Nguyen

    Nam Nguyen

    Chrisian Suaste

    Nipun Velupally

    Imani Allwood

    Rushika Amin

    Gladys Herrera

    Priyanka Kaushal

    Sananya Menon

    Ankit Patel

    Amit Somalwar

    Sahil Sood

    Medha Venigalla

    Anika Wilen

  • 2021 Nu Rho Psi Inductees

    Sarah Asif

    Asma Sana El-Sabbagh

    Payal Gokaldas

    Ulyces Gutierrez

    Sarah Kabir

    Mustafa Mohammed

    Jared Monnett

    Victoria Ogunniyi

    Riya Parikh

    Morgan Pearlman

    Hannah Raj

    Zain Sattar

    Keyo Skrok

    Ishani Vyas

    Cissy Xiao

  • 2020 Nu Rho Psi Inductees

    Lamees Abdallah

    Fatima Akili

    Ali Almousawi

    Mikaela Aquino

    Desai Bhoomi

    Srishti Dube

    Mariana Garcia

    Paige Garland

    Shikun Hou

    Zynovia Jaen

    Pranjal Kadwe

    Wasan Kumar

    Shalin Mehta

    Sumbal Memon

    Asher Odisho

    Natalia Ongtengco

    Anish Patel

    Minal Patel

    Asad Pervez

    Elizabeth Somodji

    Arefa Suleiman

    Lamisha Tabriz

    Hiba Waheed

  • 2019 Nu Rho Psi Inductees

    Akram Alnounou

    Onella Athnaiel

    Revanth Bellum

    Anjali Chacko

    Noor Chaudhry

    Muskaan Chhibber

    Rajangad Gurtatta

    Alina Khalid

    Anne Lundin

    Abigail Olsen

    Diana Orellana

    Joshua Pasaye

    Harshal Patel

    Rohan Pisharody

    Sabrina Ramahi

    Maryam Sabir

    Husna Sajid

    Bianca Trigo

  • Nu Rho Psi Members

    Emeritus Faculty: Paul Malchow

Dr. Mitch Roitman Heading link

Director of LIN, Faculty Adviser to Nu Rho Psi

Webpage to Nu Rho Psi

Want to apply to Nu Rho Psi? Heading link

If you’d like to be apart of Nu Rho Psi here at UIC, please send an email to Mitch Roitman at